How do I get started?

How do I get started? It starts with a phone call where we have a conversation about your needs. We book an appointment. I work everyday except Wednesday and Sunday, there are some exceptions. I have three evenings that I have evening hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If you are coming in for Hellerwork, there is a small intake form that we fill out together. The session is 90-minutes. And there is some homework like laying on the floor for 10 minutes a day etc. If you are coming in for The Alexander Technique lesson we begin the lesson when I open the door to greet you because I am observing your use at all times. Usually I give a table turn first where you are on the table fully clothed and I am aligning the structure. After table work we work on the floor for about fifteen minutes and then spend about fifteen minutes on the floor work walking or in some activity. If you experience pain from certain activities and want to incorporate that into your lessons, you can bring in a musical instrument (for example), but usually that happens a little later in your training.