Kay's Journey: Bodyworker, Movement Expert,Natural Vision Educator

When I was a child, my mother use to get massages. I always assumed that everyone’s mother got massages. She was a very physical person, not like an athlete but more like she swam every day and played golf as much as she could in between 15 pregnancies and the safe arrival of 10 babies. I was one of them. When I was growing up in Cleveland, we belonged to the Jewish community center even though we were Roman Catholic for the simple reason that it had the best spa facilities: pool, sauna and massage.

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The Ear and the Alexander Technique

The vestibular system and the ear are one and the same, and sound is movement. How we process sound through the ear, both from outside sources and our voice, is essential for alignment and energy. If the early developmental reflexes don't integrate at the right time we will not process sound correctly, and we may have problems with our visual development as well.

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